My little place to release my thoughts…

Thank you for visiting my blog , I am very new to blogging and will do my best to share with you my thoughts, findings and advice as I do my best to hold on tight to the rocky mountain that is a real life.
I have been coaching, preaching, yelling, talking, walking, dancing, waffling with love and advising in life and business in a variety of roles for 20 years.

My life is a continual lesson, I embrace the ride and have learned how to smash through the impossible, jump over the barriers, get back up when I fall and say ‘Yes’ to abundance, in health, wealth & happiness.

No, it wasn’t easy, no, I do not have it all worked out, but yes indeed I am a heck of a lot more yahoo since I sorted out my frazzled mind and panic/anxiety disorder.

I write here in a vain hope to connect and help others who can dig a little of my song.

My life continues to challenge me.

I embrace the fear that once held me prisoner, I gave up my old stories and I work every single day to live in my own truth.

I no longer waste too much time and energy on negativity, bullshit and people who try to hold me back.

I am a mother, wife and lover of the eighties, pug dogs, Merlot and dark chocolate, oh and also travelling this beautiful planet.

I love to wear high heels, flip flops and pyjamas, but not usually at the same time 🙂
I am just me, trying to be of service on a higher level and live to love.

Thanks for joining me I hope I can help.

Join me at my coaching website and Tribe.

Please click onto my blogs and let me know what you think.

Love Caron

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