Darling, it’s just a ‘Champagne problem’


We have it seems many problems, ‘life is suffering’ says Buddha?

The problem with problems is, we seem to get so caught up, so invested and so every little thing seems like a big deal.

This weekend, my i phone 4s, totally gave up, my day retreat for 16 ladies was turned on it’s head as the spa had made a mistake, my car is squealing like a piglet and I have a very painful cold sore.

But rather than get upset or angry and it spoil my other wise spectacularly good weekend, I remembered they were all ‘ Champagne problems’

Meaning… i phone, some people don’t have a phone, or water for that matter, Day Retreat for 16, wow, how awesome 16 ladies want to come and we can go another date and get the whole spa to ourselves in paradise, some people have never even heard of a spa.

Car squealing, we have 2 cars, some people have no food.

Oh and the cold sore, well how lucky can you get? Caused by the abundance of sunshine!

These problems I have are all related to the luxuries I have in my life, so it’s like complaining that the Champagne is not cold, or flat… SHUT UP, your’e drinking Champagne

Next time you have a problem, ask yourself if it’s actually a ‘Champagne Problem?’


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