Hair & Therapy.

389728_588900247808223_212138891_nSo there I was sitting in the chair, forced to see my tired old face staring back at me, with hair that resembled Worzel Gummidge, a million thoughts rushing around in my head, iphone in hand, am I glued to my i Phone?, enter the very sleeked haired hair ‘Doctor’ Sheryn, all serene – perfection.
Why don’t hair salons have dimmed lights? Or magic mirrors?? It is totally humiliating torture for most of us aged 40 + And it seems I only go to the hair salon when I am knackered and have forgotten how to dress.
We catch up on news, and I talk endlessly, as if I hadn’t talked to anyone in weeks?
I am needy of attention, or maybe I am trying to distract the hair goddess from noticing my latest splash of grey!
I enjoy a delicious latte, which was very welcomed but then, arghh coffee breath, better not talk too much, is that’s why they give it to you???
Checking text, email and all as I go, because it’s been 20 mins, so much to check up on.
Slowly I learn again, how to not look in the mirror as I am left unattended for 30 mins which sometimes feels like 30 days….reminding me of the time when I ripped my knickers on a slide, when me and my cousins were playing and I had to walk back home…painful and humiliating.
Maybe a dark room to hide in whilst hair colour absorbs into my scalp?
But today I actually for the first time, read a magazine, I sink into the sofa, and resist the urge to answer their phone as it has the same ring tone as mine and interrupt other peoples interesting conversations.

Today I relax and enjoy, no need to run out onto the street.
As the relaxation unfolds it’s time for my actual relaxation, what is it about having your hair washed by someone else that feels amazing? And don’t get me started on the head massage….I am in a trance of pleasure, no longer caring if my mascara has ran off with my lip stick.

The therapy is working, I have moved from mild panic and self loathing, promising myself botox, to relaxing in my own skin.
Next stage is my favouriteimages and I have to focus on not sliding off the chair and snoring, I am so chilled by now, I am sure at one point I do nod off, only kept semi conscious by the nostalgic playlist humming in the background.
My hair surgeon gently snips, dries, and straightens my straw mass into a silky smooth chic display of loveliness. Her bedside manner smoothing not only my hair but my mind..

I have forgotten about my i phone and care less about my lack of lipstick, I have sorted out my scrambled mind and being forced to sit still for 2 hrs has given me the real time out I needed.
So I say to you all, find your perfect Hair Doctor/ therapist/ massage/ coffee maker and enjoy a transformation of the mind and hair.
ALL is good again…
Thank the universe for great hairdressers.


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