Happiness Is Simple.

600231_560716367293278_1349086681_nSimple and yet avoided, ignored and put off.
Crazy eh?
The thing is, simple does not mean painless.
Having a tooth out is simple.
Exercise is simple.
Real food is great for your body is simple.
And yet we link pain with these things and so they become complicated, we make stories up, we create reasons not to do these things, we become afraid, we avoid pain at all costs.

The secrets of success have been around forever it seems.
In my mind, cave men knew that if they wanted to live they needed to eat, keep warm, have shelter and drink water – simple and clear, easy to understand, and yes also challenging and often dangerous.
They did not put it off, have a bottle of wine and think, next week I will do that.

The bit we get so hung up on is the work involved, the fear or avoidance of pain and danger at any cost.
The cave man was motivated, he must have X Y Z to survive, to grow his clan and to breed.
He knew he had choices, live or die, eat or be eaten.
No stories, no made up excuses or reasons not to do, no avoidance.
A simple choice wrapped with a blanket of uncertainty, fear and pain, that was faced and conquered over and over again.
I am very grateful the cave dweller pushed passed his fear/pain barrier.
We have evolved with this power and yet also with a low tolerance of pain and fear, we are even fearful of what someone else may think of us, crazy.
Stop hiding your head in the sand, wasting your time buying pointless tat, drinking pints of beer or whatever it is you do to escape, do something good for yourself, feel the amazing power and sense of happiness as you stop running away and start creating change.
What will it take for you to step up and get on the stage, rather than be a spectator of your own life?


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