The secret to Love, in my opinion :)

imagesIn life I have met all kinds of people, I have been all kinds of me.
I have loved and lost love.
I am far from perfect and I am still learning.
But one thing I think I understand is that to love someone you have to want too, you have to look at their world, step out of your selfish box. Be the one who has the courage to say how you feel and accept all you can possibly know for sure is how you feel. Feelings come from thoughts, they are not always fact.
Your perception is yours, you have formed it, own it as yours and accept we are all living within our own worlds.
We are distorted thinkers, some black and white, some think we can read minds, some taking everything personally and some totally oblivious to the impact of their clumsy words and actions when it is crystal clear to others.
Some of us are afraid to speak out, some don’t know when to shut up.
No one is right, no one is wrong.
But to finding lasting love, find someone who is interested in you, your world, who does not make you wrong, who wants to understand you.
Be with others who want to hear you, who you want to learn from, who you love to be with.
Real love is a mixture of pleasure and pain, to really love someone is a journey of learning.
So learn what you can about yourself and the ones you love, let them be all they want to be, encourage their dreams, hear them and stop trying to change them.
If you are in a relationship that you feel continually pulled down, misunderstood and that your beliefs are crazy, then ask yourself, is this Love?

Love is many things, here are a few from my heart.

Taking the time to listen without judgment.
Being your partners biggest ‘Cheer leader’
Sharing dreams and desires.
Taking immediate action of you cause the other pain – say sorry and put it right.
Choosing being kind over being right.
Taking care of yourself so you can take care of the other.
Every moment is a chance to show love.
If I don’t feel loved, I say so.
If I feel loved I say so.
Realise, it’s a two way street and that if you wander off track you don’t have to be lost or give up.
Don’t sweat the small stuff, most of the time it’s just that…small!
Eat cake and chocolate together in your pajamas once a week!
Have some mystery, shut the bathroom door 🙂

I have many more… what about you?

So some thoughts on love for the romantic month of February.
Have a LOVELY day xxx


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