What’s your money excuse?

I have lived most of my life thinking and believing ‘I HAVE LACK OF MONEY,’ you have to do this or that to make great money.
Earning just enough.
Buying cheap junk, thinking it was being careful.
Believing buying luxury items was selfish and materialistic and I didn’t want to be labeled as that.

If I have lack, I would fit in more, if I have an abundance I feel selfish.
What will people think? ‘Love is all you need’ say The Beatles.
I have hundreds of personal stories as proof to me that money is scarce, I lived as a teenager with an unemployed father and a mother who held the family together, at one point we all did a paper round.
I still feel the shame now as I remember wearing a coat given to me by the free school uniform shop for families who were struggling.
I am very proud of my parents and for the upbringing I had, I learned how to save, how not to waste, but I also learned to live in fear.
We find comfort in each others pity stories and it somehow feels safe to play life down, live small and not stand out.
I have fought an internal battle most of my life, feeling shame when I have worked hard to build a life, when together as a family we work hard to live well, we get knocked down and we get back up, repeatedly.

I am finally over it!
I am over living in fear of money, lack of money and fear of having and abundance of money.

I am changing my old limiting money story, I am working on releasing guilt when I have a massage, when I receive a gift when I allow myself to dream big.
Guilt, what is that about? ( another time, another post)
Last week and I asked a client ‘ Why do you want to earn money?’ She could not answer, apart from contribution.
We both pondered the question.
Have we lost the sense of dreaming, of living a fuller life, of making money to create a brighter future, of giving to ourselves?
Have we been programmed to think wealthy people are greedy?
Are we afraid of being labeled? Are we afraid of desiring a fabulous lifestyle?

I urge you to learn how to grow and expand your world, to take a stand, to allow yourself to be your best self, to raise your value, to live your full life.
Once you learn what money story is holding you back, you can move forward to create a richer life in all senses and be of greater service to yourself and those who seek your guidance, you can be a shining example and an inspiration.

When you are able to stand tall and embrace your best life, you will make a massive difference not only in your life but in the lives of those around you.
Since I made my peace with my past money stories,my whole life, and the people I serve have received an injection of life giving passion and abundance.
What money story are you telling yourself?
Ask yourself this.
What story have you got relating to money from your childhood that is negative?
Was there plenty of money for you growing up, or did your family struggle to afford extras, or even the necessities?
For more great questions and to uncover your money story, contact me and I will email them to you free of charge.
Go on, create a new story!



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