How to stop worrying about what people may think of you.



Who cares what you have to say?


Really, I ask you, ‘ Who cares?”

We spend too much time worrying and stressing about what other people may think of us, I know this, I do this, I see this, I hear this.

Old school marketing knows this, we are sold on fear, mostly the fear of not being liked or not being good enough.

If we do ‘this’ we will be ‘that,’ if we buy ‘this’ we will look like ‘that,’ if we say ‘this’ we will be ‘that,’ ahhhh shut up!

Stop right now and ask yourself, really “Who cares?”

At the end of the day, only a few people will really care, I know, sorry, but it’s true. Many may care for ten-seconds then move on, but only a few really care, so you can stop worrying about trying to please everyone all the time, you just don’t need to, none of us are that important.


Who are you comparing yourself too, who is judging you and why do you care anyway?

You are you, the only one.

The problem stems for our hard wired, genetically coded need for belonging, being accepted and for safety.

So it seems we spend a lot of time seeking these things.

Then the problem becomes, we are unauthentic, we are copies, we are limiting our unique, one off amazingness. We don’t know who we truly are, we have no real passion, we beat ourselves up for not achieving.


Try these for starters.


1-Stop comparing yourself to others, instead be inspired by others.

2-Pursue your own worthy dreams.

3-Face your fears and walk through them one by one.

4-Learn what qualities you want to own and why.

5-Know who you are and what you want, go on find out!

6-Learn how to value yourself, your time and your skills.

7-Welcome the pain of problems and learn how to deal with them.

8-Work out what you want, not just what you don’t want.

9-Make a list of 100 achievements, some as small as learning how to walk!

10-If you want to belong, what can you offer? If you want to be accepted, do you accept yourself? If you want to feel safe, do you work on building security by hiding or by taking risks for long term satisfaction?


I have hundreds more suggestions, this is just to start you off.

So stop for a moment and ask yourself, “ If I didn’t worry about what others may think about me, who would I be and what would I really do?”

Then get to work on yourself!

My coaching is designed to lead you to a world where you can be your true self, to unleash your true potential and step up to your life, I would love to hear from you and share your ideas and dreams.



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