How to feel better and have a little fun in an instant.


Yesterday I was in a slump, I am going through a few emotional storms and knew I had to take charge before I lost my mind completely.

Coaching teaches me how to not get into this state, but like a smoking doctor, I did not practice what I preach, I let myself fall off the edge.

Time to talk to me, a word with myself.
I wrote a huge list of all the fun things I love, what I needed and then still with much resistance ( Should be working)I went out and did a few things from my list.

Here are a few things I did that very afternoon. ( Ping-the sound of a happy deposit)

Got in my car to drive into town and put on some sweet tunes to have a little car karaoke, I love singing in the car. Ping!
Visited a fav aromatherapy shop and had a wonderful conversation with the owner. Engaging with a like minded woman, a new connection. Ping!!
Had a stroll into a local fashion store, bumped into an old friend who couldn’t wait to tell me her good news. Ping!!!
Pop into the next store, buy 3 pair of bling earrings, one for me, 2 for gifts, had great conversation with shop assistant who was new to town and is now coming to my class. Ping!!!!
Went to buy myself some sushi, lady in sushi shop was mega happy and interested in my day, and used the words, “ Every day is a good day” Ca-ching-Ping !!!!!
Met youngest son for a ride home from school. Ping !!!!!!
Gave my full attention to my pm client, who gave me her gratitude and appreciation. Whoop Whoop PIng !!!!!!!
Took youngest son out for a delicious tea. Yeah Momma Ping !!!!!!!
Did a meditation and read a few thoughts on happiness. Ommmmm Ping !!!!!!!!
Gave myself permission to go to bed early without guilt. Oh Yeah Ping!!!!!!!!!

Today I am refreshed, a little recharged and eager to keep depositing into my happy, relaxed, fun, me time bank account, ping a ding dong.

If you are feeling a bit empty or like I was exhausted and drained emotionally, then get to it, create your own list of pings, keep your emotional bank account in the positive by adding to it before it gets over drawn.

You can not be great at anything, for anyone or yourself if you do not give yourself the care, love and time to become whole, strong and empowered.
Give up trying to be perfect, work on being yourself.
Being a mother, spouse, lover, worker and all that can be exhausting, brilliant and yet so testing at times.
Give yourself a break from those roles and be just ‘you’

What will you do today?
I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


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