Don’t search for a path to easy success, there is no such thing.

imagesAnother crazy storm, another fall, a few purple bruises but nothing that won’t heal.
I have passed through it.
I wanted to tell you, I want you to know that no matter what, you can get through most things, even when you feel like the walls are tumbling down on top of you day after day after day.
I truly believe that when you feel so strongly that you are off track, it is time to stop, time to pause, time to say NO! Not like this.
It takes courage to show vulnerability, to show your true feelings and to take responsibility for your actions.
Only then can you pause, breathe and gather your strength with a clear mind to take yourself to another level, a new beginning, a stronger, richer more powerful way of being.
We have to fall, we have to fail, we have to know we can begin again.
We do not have to fit in, we do not have to follow the ‘system’
You do not have to be perfect, you can be authentic, yourself, that way you are always free to lead your own life your way.
Have the courage to speak your truth, then have the determination to show the world your gifts, to lead or follow, you decide.

If you ever feel like you are getting caught up in the tidal wave of a situation, know that you can handle it, know that it will eventually calm and know that if you stay strong you may even feel peaceful as you crash upon the rocks a few last times until the wave has subsided into a gentle ripple.

My son did not leave home, he became more of a man by realizing he was not ready.
He showed courage, he was true.

Together as a family we have been to the edge of many cliffs, sometimes actually jumping off, but not this time, there were warning signs all along this path, there were alarm bells for me right from the start.
My message for you is simple, don’t be afraid to feel afraid and speak up, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they are so important to learn from, don’t be pushed into a situation.
It takes guts to stop, it takes grit to be able to turn around and it takes bravery to start again.
Never give up on yourself, never.
Make your own dreams work, own them, don’t be pushed by the tidal wave, it will eventually stop.
Keep your head above the water and hold on tight.
Be bold, challenge the norm, create your life your way, lead your own personal journey.
Being stuck is a state of mind, you can change it.



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