Grow your business when you are no good at business!

imagesimages The problem with business is you are not a business person.

So many times businesses fail because of lack of education, support, guidance and planning, coming from fear of investment, or lack of self confidence.

When I formed my first business in the UK, we invested over $100k in getting advice, business developers and used other experts to help us get the business off the ground.
The ‘we’ became ‘me’ before launch, it was a nightmare.

A great concept but all partners bailed, I had no idea what was coming.
I took on a huge increasing debt.

It took me 2 years to make a profit and pay the bank and family back, and at the time it seemed terrifying.

For 2 years I existed in fear, but I knew it had so much potential, it was a brilliant idea.

This was a painful education of starting up a business, not one that I ever wish to go through again.
Many lessons learned, many times making turnaround decisions, taking advice, getting support and letting nothing stop me!
Sometimes daydreaming about quitting, envious at the girls who worked in supermarkets, it seemed to me they had it so easy lol!

My competitive Arian streak served me well.

Without the support of my family, accountant/friend and a handful of others experts I would not have survived and would have failed to help hundreds of people sell their homes ethically.

When you have a fabulous skill, idea, concept that’s only a tiny part of being successful in business, without a whole variety of tools you will probably fail to make decent money and see your business prosper.

Not many of us are so lucky to be able to do what we do best as in our service and all the nitty gritty that makes it possible to become a thriving business.

I still have crazy days.

My mind is so busy with a million things to do and so much potential even though I have a thriving business, there are so many more opportunities for growth.

So, I am getting help even now after a couple of years of full time coaching, in fact now more than ever as I simply have less time to be lost.
The bigger I grow the bigger my team of support grows.

It does not get easier, but it gets much more rewarding both financially and mentally.

To be super successful you need systems, people with the skills you don’t have, you can not do it all alone, stop kidding yourself.

Take a look at your business or your business idea and ask yourself a few questions.

What are my strengths? What can I do well and where are the weak spots? What is not my bag? Where do I let my business down?
How do my clients know about me? How is my business seen? What is my point of difference? Would I hire me? Do I appear professional? Do I have my business in order?
What is my marketing strategy? How much did I turnover in 2013? What was my net profit? What is my forecast for 2014? What do I need to learn and who do I need to help me? How do I want my business to grow? And a million more questions…

If you don’t know the answers then you need to step up, if you want to be of value, to work for yourself and to be professional.
Find someone to give you that support, build a team around you, invest in your skills, dare to make your business dreams real.

We look at other successful businesses around us and don’t stop to think how much time, effort and money has been invested to get it to that stage, we only see the show after the rehearsals and never look back stage at the chaos!

Believe in your business and commit to bringing your expertise, or carry on floundering around in a fog of uncertainty and never feel the power of creating a brilliant life.

Don’t tell me you can’t sell, you can’t afford, you can’t find enough clients, tell me you will do whatever it takes because you have an amazing gift to share, you just need help wrapping it and delivering it!

For small business building contact me today, I can help you get on track straight away.


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