Don’t go to the pity party

I learned this the hard way, some people just want to stay negative and would love you to join their pity party time and time again. if you walk away from being with someone and you have a low or heavy feeling most of the time, stay away. I know it sounds unkind, I have struggled with this, but like I said some people chose to stay a victim. 
There is a huge difference between, having a moan and getting things off your chest, and constantly complaining & blaming.
Relationships need to be healthy, balanced and a positive thing in your life, we live such a crazy splattered life, where we have our families scattered all over the world. Find your tribe and seek out inspiring people  
Every single one of us has our own worries, challenges and fears, some of us choose to work through, get help, take responsibility.
It takes guts to step up, but it feels so much more like real life.images


2 thoughts on “Don’t go to the pity party

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