Take of your Sale Tag and stop selling yourself short.

Stop giving yourself away.

At a pretty low point in my life, whilst my marriage had broken up and I was, ewwwww puke, ‘On the market,’  😦

Mwake upimagesy dearest cousin Rachel asked me why I was finding all the ‘ Losers’ the guys who needed rescuing, the bad boys.

She told me to raise my value and at the time I just didn’t know how.

It took me a while.

I took a new job on, I said no to sad guys and I raised my value little by little.

No sooner than I did this my marriage regenerated?!

Strange eh?

Not really, the same happened with my business.

It took me a couple of years to learn how to stop giving myself away at a discounted price, it takes practice, it takes patience and faith.

This is how to begin your affair with yourself.

Step one.

Raise your value.

  • Ask yourself what story you are telling yourself about what you can and can’t have.
  • Check out who you are spending your time with and why.
  • Ask yourself how great am I willing to let my life be?

I asked myself these and many more questions over the last few years and I can tell you, I have found my sparkle again, I woke up!

When you realize how much you are worth you will not be in the bargain bin anymore…


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