So Sick of the same old advice for self help


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Self help – I’m sick of all he same advice everywhere, the same old thing just re hashed, boring. We know the mantra, sleep well, eat well, exercise, meditate. Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff, be present, have gratitude, be in nature. The self help industry is huge, worth billions. The pro
blem to me is we pick up a book, read an article feel some connection, feel a little better, same with going to a coaching session, gym, workshop and so on, then it fades and we are back to our old habits feeling more like a failure. We are lazy and most of us can’t be bothered to fully dive in or start the dig. It may require real work, it will hurt?!:( As a coach/archaeologist I know this feeling, more bones to brush over, inspect. Yet, if I commit to the dig I learn I am elated. My hidden secrets, some magic and some darkness, but all mine thank you very much. For me the hunger for self knowledge keeps me discovering life’s secrets. The thrill is in the chase. That’s why it can feel flat when you get your big goal, the fun was in the challenge the discovery. So I say, just begin, get digging. Of course I am not a real archaeologist. I believe our magic is hidden, we have it already. The forgotten joy of being a playful child, the serious adult struggling to do it all, the inability to laugh over spilled milk the ability to make a drama out of a disagreement. Stop trying to be a super hero, a perfect adult. People say to me they don’t know who they are, they say they don’t know them self. Maybe we can’t find ourselves, perhaps it’s our selfs…So very difficult to be a certain something. In short, take a long look at you, yourselves and notice when you feel at home, at ease, that warm feeling when you have peace of mind, that’s likely to be your best self, work on that. Stop despising your weak self, your frightened self. Stop worrying if people are judging you, they probably are, but only because it’s reflecting or touching on something within themselves. Yes, when you are in your bikini or shorts, people are looking & judging they are relating it back to themselves. I am writing this from my poolside bed in Fiji and I am noticing myself noticing others, noticing me. ( I hold in my tummy as I pretend to stroll carelessly by the pool) Stop trying to be a super human, you already are. Create a few small changes, then move on to something else, there is no end to self improvement but this does not mean you have to be so self critical. Right, I’m off to have a feast at the buffet breakfast, bring forward the naughty but playful self…. There is a time for her and it’s at the buffet breakfast!

So sort out what you want to find first and get to it


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