Let’s play Kiss Catch!

sillytimeDo you remember the Mars advert, a Mars a day helps you work rest and play?
I think a Mars ( Moro bar) may well do that, but more importantly, I realized whilst on holiday, out of the three I mainly work most of my time, including free time.
Now I love my work, so it is a little play for me personally, but I have to admit not enough for my total wellbeing. And not free child silly play.
I have mixed up enjoying work with playing.

When we were in school, yes I can remember that far back, we had playtime.
I remember running around the playground, making up games, chalking on the floor and as time went by more naughty fun like kiss catch and what time is is Mr Wolf?
I have become brilliant at work and pretty good at rest, but pretty poor at play.
So much so that the picture on my son’s face when I actually got my hair wet in the pool was a sign.
The sign said “ You are too serious and did you forget how to play?”
Now I will drag you all in here and make a generalization.
I believe we as adults have forgotten how to really play, we are afraid make mistakes, we are trying to be perfect, and this is a very serious pursuit.
We are worry junkies.
We are scared, wary of showing our weaknesses, of not being good enough or loved.
We turn to alcohol & food to give us a mood change that is acceptably childish.
Have we lost trust, are we afraid to break the rules?
Why are we so serious that we need a drink to relax and have a laugh?

Balanced kids don’t care if they eat ice-cream, spilling a drink is a minor inconvenience and they most certainly don’t worry if their hair will get wet in the pool!
They dive in, splash, compete in a ‘see who can hold their breath in for the longest’ as the serious adult has forgotten how to breath on dry land.
Watch happy kids at play, count how many times you see them smile, hear them laugh, see silliness, risk taking, knee injuring, elbow scraping adventures.
See the freedom to ‘be’ in their eyes.
According to research on average, children smile over 300 times a day in comparison to an adult who smiles less than 20.
I am scheduling in daily playtime, booking in play dates and getting out my sketch pad to scribble.
I will skim pebbles at the river, sing out of tune, wear pink pants and eat more ice cream.
We will throw a party and wear silly glasses, dance, eat cake and fall over, without alcohol.

Play time could be a life saver, it is a happy chemical releaser, it is an opportunity to tap into your creative soul. It is the opportunity to laugh, smile and not ,care for a short while, it is magic ,healing, energy giving medicine.

What are your ideas for playtime?
According to science the best playtime for happiness is interactive, we laugh more when we are with others who we trust.
Who wants to join me for a game of kiss catch??


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