End the shitty cycle of ‘attack and defend’ in relationships.

INCREADIBLE YOUWhen we feel like fleeing a person or ourself, stop, pause and hold on for a sec.
See if you can let go, lose the over powering urge to push back, to oppose, to fight.
Pay attention to how you feel, to what just happened, to how you reacted.
The cycle of attack and defense will never end unless we end the need to lash out.
Sometimes it’s a good idea to be with the uncomfortable parts of life, the people and our own darkness.
Run away, flee, scream, cry, snub, sulk ( I call this your hurt child ) or whatever your reaction is I don’t think it will be helpful in the long run for your happiness.
Face the opposition without opposing, take time before you respond, take a second before you spit out your anger or hurt.
It seems to me life is complicated, more challenges than we hoped for, but there is plenty we can do to have fun and enjoy who we are.

Do you invite conflict?
Maybe you do, I know I do without meaning to, again taste the words on your lips before you let them slip out.
If you have some conflict right now, you can decide to work out what outcome you want.
Do you want to prove a point? Do you want to be right just for the sake of it? Do you need more love? Are you listened to? Do you listen to yourself?
Start to notice, start to acknowledge the good in yourself, the love you can give, then do the same for others.
Give yourself and others Attention, Appreciation Affection and most of all Love.
Today right after reading this, first give to yourself and then to another person in your life.
Diminish conflict, create a smile 🙂
The grass is not greener, other people do not have it all, life is a box of chocolates, ewwww the coffee ones 😦
We are united in our secret challenges, we hide, we wonder , we sigh.
You are not alone, you are living the best life you know how to, you can make changes.
This is not ‘ it’ there is room to maneuver, to party , to relax, you decide.
Stop looking at your faults or the faults of others and work on solutions on remedies.


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