Ten fingers to a Happier You

to have a positiveimages

I know you are over hearing ‘be grateful,’ ‘be positive’ and all that blah.
It kind of makes you feel worse sometimes, and honestly sometimes having a bad attitude is ok as long as you own it, more on that another time.
For today, give this a little go, you may like it?
I like it, I like it a lot 🙂
Do this at any time, for me the morning as I wake works well and can spur my bed loving backside out of the snuggle pit and diving into the shower.
The thing is our mental banter is responsible for how our day goes and so our life, maybe a bit important??
Your body is inspired by your thoughts, I know you know this…
That in turn inspires your thoughts and you are on a crazy 8 cycle, a bit like the infinity symbol.
So, why not talk nicely, be kind and start a cycle of ‘whoop whoop,’ or if your not into that, a cycle of ‘yes I can,’ or if that’s just too out there, then a cycle of, ‘I’m ok, life is ok’…ya get me?
You choose, hold up your hands and start…10 positive/kind words about oneself…be nice now, you’ve spent a lifetime beating yourself up for not being a version of perfect you invented to please others.
Or if that is just too much for you, 10 things you are happy about, grateful for or appreciate, come on you can do this! It can be silly simples…. I appreciate my dog, my first cup of coffee, that I can dance/ish still…. Go on…..
10 positive affirmations/statements /gratitudes
You will easily shift your dull mood to a sunnier outlook in around 2 mins.
Go on – give it a go now.
Counting them on your fingers. It’s important to get to 10 things, even when it becomes increasingly hard. This is exactly what the exercise is about – consciously bringing into your awareness the previously unnoticed elements in your day and life.
Think about it, doing that every day = 70 things you appreciate a week, 3,640 things you’d appreciate in your life – in one year.
Wowza, it’s got to be worth doing!
Or…you can stay stuck in your conversation of crap, being hard on yourself and missing the small amazing things that actually are your life.

Do it right now….
I appreciate you reading this and I appreciate you!
Small new happiness habits create a huge pile of happiness for you to wriggle around in and are life savers for the days when you are feeling like hiding under your duvet or in your bat cave.


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