When you think you have it all and yet you feel a disturbance in your belly…

imagesI know this to be true for myself and my most successful clients.
You can’t achieve your full potential, your dreams, your life of abundant health, wealth and happiness if all you do is work hard, do your job and splash out at the weekend.
Working all day to escape for a few days a year, it just doesn’t produce the life you dreamed of.
Are you on that cycle?
I was for years, I loved my work and my holidays but I did know something wasn’t right, it’s one of the reasons we moved to NZ, if we are spending our hard earned cash on escaping, why not escape for good?
This is all good and I love love living in paradise, however…it took me a few years of making mistakes and losing my sense of self, no support team of crazy wonderfuls around me like I was used to in the UK, to realize I wasn’t working from a place of who I was, my light had dimmed.
I felt uneasy, stiff, grumpy and flat, something was missing.
What was wrong with me, I seemed to have it all?
And yet, I wasn’t me.

I discovered I had to work harder on myself, not my work, I had got it the wrong way around.

I had believed if I worked hard I would feel happy, use my skills fully and life would make sense.
But no, frustrating as it was I knew I had to work on myself more, open a few old wounds, peek into a different idea of who I wanted to become, sit with the questions, move with the questions, live with the questions.
I have been like a crazy mutant, feeling like I am going insane, like running away, like hiding in bed, like laughing out loud, like running up a hill, like a burst of light, like a heavy weight…you get the gist.
This weekend I realised there is so much more work for me to do on myself, even as I speak my business has exploded and I am achieving huge success, it’s only the beginning and I feel a shift in direction.

I sit here with butterflies and a little frustration ( I have an inner lazy-girl )
I know every level of income demands a different me, demands my time, my energy.
I know I can create more for myself and those who work with me.
I accept this is going to mean more work on me, myself and I.
So I say bring it on, let’s do this and I feel lifted, I feel stronger.
So what do you think?
Are you working from a place of massive love and empowerment?
Is your life a cycle of work hard to escape?
Or do you work on yourself to never need to escape?
I worked at a Day Spa this weekend, it was my 6th day of work that week, but it felt like home, it felt like me, it was wonderful.
I did this because I am that person, a Retreat, Spa, Massage, People, Dancing, Coaching person.
I will work harder on myself to be able to produce more, to create a world where I fit and where others feel welcomed and loved, where I can share my growth, my ideas and hear from others their stories.

So I would love to hear from you any stories or ideas where you have felt this, or know it to be true.
Work harder on yourself than anything else and everything else will work for you 🙂


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