Warning – too much hibernation will bring on low moods, expanding waistbands, stiff bodies and stiff minds


Psychological studies show that indulging winter cravings increases seasonal disorders. The urge to curl up in front of the fire or go to bed earlier mess about with your body clock leaving you with poor sleep habits & low moods.
Indulging in carb cravings may produce a blast of happiness which is quickly replaced by a slump.
Staying in every night may sound wonderful, but we are social animals, we need connection, laughter & conversation to keep our positive juices flowing.

You can create a wonderful mood this winter.

Our bodies are designed to move every day of the year, low movement = stiffness in body, mind and mood – just move! Go outside, join a group, it’s not Antarctica! ( We need the daylight for happy chemicals)

Check your thoughts, we have over 50k thoughts a day.
Are they creating a fab feeling or are they tearing you down?
Depressing thoughts create depressing feelings.
Our life is a result of our thoughts, it’s not hippy dippy talk it’s science.

Be with people who make you smile. We unconsciously adapt our mood to match the people we are around. Are you someone you would love to connect with?

Put on your high heels and step out of the waiting room, we sit around waiting for things to be a certain way before we can be happy, this is a sure fire way to be miserable.

Check your body posture, it’s difficult to feel happy when you are frowning, your shoulders are slumped and you have tight fists. Change in an instant ( Belly in boobs out, smile on!)

Laughter is the best medicine. What makes you laugh & gives you a dose of yahoo? Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Have winter pot luck dinners & take it in turns , don’t be mean or lazy, is it your turn to invite a few friends over or do you wait to be invited? When did you last host a gathering?
Even easier arrange to meet, we live in a city full of wonderful cafes and bars.

Learn how to create happy chemicals naturally in your brain, take responsibility for a positive winter and laugh at the proof of your happier self!


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