Trying to please everyone is crazy daisy


No one person see’s you the same, no one person knows the real you, except your Mum 🙂

I got lost in the jungle, scouting for friends, after moving to NZ.
I adapted my image, my ideas, my thoughts and my behaviors.
Trying to fit in and please others was horrible, yucky sucky.
I tried to please everyone by being what I thought they wanted me to be, so wrong, I was betraying the real deal me.
It took me years to realise this even though my husband was pointing this out and my cousin Rachel had said, ‘I don’t like your friends’. They were brave to tell me, but I didn’t listen, there wasn’t a whole lot of people calling to meet up for great conversation and Friday wine.
I realized one evening as I stood in front of a large crowd at a fund raiser, I know ‘me,’ I like to create, I love to lead, I love being around people who are like minded and can be bothered to fight back, buckle up and make stuff happen.

I withdrew from meeting for a pity coffee parties.

I dived into working on myself and on others who wanted in.
Stopping trying to please everyone who asks for my time felt strange and scary, I like to be liked, what if no one gets me? Maybe I don’t fit in here?
When you give your time to others who take from you over and over, you end up taking the most from yourself.

The people you spend your time with are the ones who will influence your mood, your thoughts and your life, so choose wisely.

Who are you hanging out with and why?

Do you feel uplifted, peaceful, excited, loved and appreciated in their company, or do you feel used, taken for granted and undervalued?

It’s always your choice.

I open myself up to be around people I admire, achievers of life, lovers of life, admitters of struggle, but not quitters.
We talk about life, love, shoes, food, wine, men, women, kids, work and hair, we make an effort for each other.
They encourage my growth, they push me, they tell me off, I love them and I give back.
I do not have to please them, I want to please them, there’s a big difference.
Friendships are a two way street, a dance, a kind of romance.
Stop people pleasing, do what you feel in your heart, do what fuels you, work at finding new friends, get out more, go to new places, put yourself amongst a new crowd.
Say ‘YES’ to new adventures that open you up, it’s way better than being lost in the jungle.
Forget continuous people pleasing it’s exhausting and may lead to depression, lack of self love and a feeling of blahhhhhh.

What people pleasing things do you do and why?


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