I am so Cracked and I love it!

Just as you areimages

Don’t become obsessed with perfection.

Recognize instead that you must learn to guide yourself through the disappointments, failures and mistakes that will always be a part of your life, no matter how successful you are.
Guide yourself and learn how not to get stuck on repeat.
My Mum used to say, “Put another record on”
There is no perfect man, woman, body, so stop searching for it.
Instead see the possibilities in what you already are, if you are good, become brilliant, if you are brilliant become awesome.
Lead your life, step away from trying to be perfect, you will never be truly happy.
The most successful people I have worked with became awesome because they let go of perfect because they knew they had what it took to be truly happy, because they became committed.
Happy people are happy because they accept it’s their life and they let go of negative emotional saboteurs like blame and shame.
I used to be stuck there in the blame and shame game, it was stinking thinking!
Happy people are inspired not envious, they create their own groove, they don’t copy, they create from their own source.
Commit to being the best version of you not the perfect you.
Life would be so boring if we were all perfect, we love quirks, we love strange and we love to know people all have cracks.
What areas of your life are you comparing, blaming or striving for perfection?
How does that make you feel?
Drop the need, raise your head high, shoulders back, smile and let yourself be free. Go on…… 🙂
Have a PIP DAY! ( Perfectly imperfect )


2 thoughts on “I am so Cracked and I love it!

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  2. Awesome, I so agree. We are all unique, all born to be amazing. it’s just the shit in between that stops us
    What we are told and what we choose to believe

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