Why we hide our mental illness

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Are we terrified about Mental Illness?

Last week I was aware that my thoughts were wandering down the streets of Crazy Town. I felt a lot freaky – who would wash, dry and straighten my hair if I went loop the loop? Or even worse who would keep their eye on my old lady mustache as I grew old!! ( It’s a vile but true fear)
I laugh at it today as I have spent the last few hrs in bed catching up on some rest and relaxation and I realise it was just a head cold knocking at my door.
But it struck me how uneasy we are talking about mental health.
We freely discuss our bad back, headaches, our eye sight, stiff joints, wrinkles and a shed load of other wonderful undesirable degeneration pains that are a part of life, but if we feel a little out of it in the mind, yikes almighty!
Is it a deep rooted fear we learned from the horrific and barbaric treatment of mental illness in the past?
Witches burned at the stake, people chained up and tortured?
The word lunatic asylum is frankly hideous, conjuring up all sorts of Hammer House of Horror images.
My Uncle was put into a ‘ Mad House’ and we were taken as kids to whiteness the lost, hidden, locked up souls wandering around the corridors moaning in their trance like existences.
We also lived near a mental hospital, we were scared to walk nearby and would wince as I saw the patients walking down Middlewood Rd talking to themselves.
These fears are deeply engrained within my soul, I feared mental illness.
It was a messed up system and nobody stood a chance of a healthy mind whilst they were drugged and labeled as lunatics.
The problem is, we have so little knowledge and so much fear still that we hide in depression, loneliness and grief. It seems to me it’s so common to be put in a box, given drugs, to be misunderstood and rejected.
We don’t talk about our mental state instead we say, ‘ Thank god it’s Friday’ we drink, we shop, we have affairs, we have eating disorders, we eat crap, we hide under blankets.
We won’t accept our mental health issues.
We have anger, stress, anxiety, sadness and thoughts of running away.
It is normal, it’s healthy and it needs to be absolutely acceptable to talk about our minds, thoughts & feelings.
Why is it ok to accept we have migraines and our bodies get sick, but not our minds?
We may be heading into a future of increasing mental illnesses as life speeds up and we try to function in a dysfunctional world, so let’s start to take more care of our mental health.
We spend millions on gyms, diets, alcohol, drugs, shoes and false escape.
Invest in your mental health first.
Learn how to sleep well, learn to talk about your worries, meditate, be still, be quiet.
Rest, play and laugh more, feed your mind with more silly, with positive affirmations.
Get support, plan time for your mental health above all.
Eat lot’s of nuts, fish, coconut oil.
Walk in nature.
Make friendships count.
Sing and dance. ( Come to Relaxercise)
It’s never too late to feed your mind to be healthy.calm & free.
Start listening to others who are suffering in silence, talk about your mental health struggles, make it easier, make it normal.
Don’t judge yourself or others, just like a broken bone will grow back stronger so can a broken mind.
I am a crazy chick and I know it 😉


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