Working to Die or to Live ?

Watch what you are chasing, making money is awesome when you are also making health and happiness along the way.
Where are you heading??
What is creating money creating for you?
For me it’s freedom to be more giving, to explore the planet, to visit loved ones and to be able to live at a higher level so that I can be of greater service.

I no longer feel pressure to give myself away, to live in fear of not being good enough. I am learning how to bring my game to my work and my life without jeopardizing my health.
I used to work myself towards an early grave, on the never ending cycle of societies version of success.
Most of the versions created by marketing companies, to make you feel like you need this and that. To put us in boxes, to program us with fear of never being enough.

I worked the extra long hrs, loving my job but surviving on coffee and adrenalin, then crashing into the weekend with wine, chips and takeaway, this went on for about 15 years.
The cortisol would surge thru my belly five minutes after waking, I pay for now, 10 years later.

So I work with more of a blend, a love not only for my work but for my body.
My business is growing beyond my dreams and I am working on pausing to recharge without leaning on the legal toxic drugs ( caffeine and alcohol). Don’t get me wrong I love coffee and wine and I do drink both, I just don’t use them as uppers or downers.
I notice when I stare needingly at the wine rack, I have gone too far, I haven’t given myself rest and play.

Push pause and ask yourself what you are working to create and does that give you great health and happiness??

I want to crash into my grave saying ‘whoop whoop what a ride,’ all old and crinkly, like a prune person, having created a long life that I loved and lived in, in each moment.

Love your work, build up your health and your wealth during the week and don’t let your health be flushed down the toilet by excess intake of crap at the weekend.
Begin your week without weekend destruction, guilt and shame.
Maybe you don’t even acknowledge you do this and you don’t even get a hangover anymore, but you may know the feeling of arghhhh on Sunday night as you feel the week looming like a dark cloud.
What a waste of your life that is.

Live each day, each week in balance or blend, without wishing the week away until you can get to the pub and pretend you have a wonderful life.
Friday night is special, I go to town most Fridays.
I socialize, enjoy a glass of wine and a meal with friends, I don’t go to get over my week, I celebrate the week, the progress.
Get off the hamster wheel, love the whole 7 days.
Make time to work on your mental and physical health, every single day.
Rest – Work – Play.


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