Be Kind to yourself to be kinder to your kids

If you want to be a great parent, start by being kind and loving to yourself.
ibeing kindmages
Your kids are watching and taking cues from you , they are responding to their life as a result of how you respond to yours.
The parent who does everything for their child, even their grown up child is teaching how to have low self esteem, how to lean on others, how to expect others to do stuff for us.
The kids expect more and more, the need is never met for long, it’s become an addiction.
WE are teaching unhappiness, expectation and the idea that love can be taken or bought.
Stop fooling yourself and accept, you need to give to yourself, be kinder to yourself and love yourself as if your life depends on it.
Think about it for a moment.
I know it seems harder to put your self first, to be patient and work on yourself, we weren’t taught that growing up.
We have become afraid, we give our kids what we thought we missed, but we take away what we need, what our kids really need.
To learn how to be kind and loving, to have self respect, to show it, to be it.
Open your heart to a little self assessment and see what you are teaching by doing.
Stop doing so much, just stop it.
Start demonstrating how to care for yourself, how to be truly happy, how to be yourself, how to be imperfect. Show your flaws… That’s another story, I am going off course.
Have a look at you, have a look at your kids, then have another look at you darling.
I didn’t say it was easy, so just take a peek and get a bit more real with yourself, it’s ok you can change, you can do this xxx


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