It’s your life, do it your way.


You know what, I don’t know if you do know?
You do have choices, you do have a precious unique life, you are special and if you are not totally whoop de doop happy with the way something is going, you can make a decision or twenty…
It’s up to you to say YES or NO to something, someone or to yourself.
We care far too much what other people will think of us if we don’t follow, if we don’t join the other sheep, if we look like X, if we say Y, if we believe Z.
I have just had a wonderful week on a tropical island, it was paradise, paradise in it’s beauty and paradise for people watching.

Watching behaviors change with alcohol, including my own was fascinating.
Watching behaviors change with uncomfortable and too comfortable displays of various body shapes, either barley dressed or over dressed.

Watching myself too, not liking my every move, but noticing feeling authentic, real, ok with myself, being happy with being me.

I wonder why we struggle so much to just be glad to be who we are, to be all the things we feel, to just be free as a unique human being?
Why do we worry so much what someone would think if we didn’t drink, if we didn’t join the party?
We are afraid of being the odd one out, yet we know and we feel it, we were not created to be a clone a carbon copy, a replica.

I have made myself some promises, promises to me, for me.
(My darling clients I will be giving you some work on this, this week coming )

Now more than ever I am paving my own path, I am walking it, I will not be quiet about what is my truth, I will own it.
Bring it on !

I have often danced to my own tune, but it seems I am still afraid, still unsure of myself, still holding back a little.

Holding on to something, some idea of who and how I should be, but only hanging on by a flimsy thread.

I grow less and less afraid and I want you to be true to yourself, even if you don’t know how yet, just take a small step.

Are you walking down your path or someone elses?
Do you feel free? Do you believe in who you are?
You can walk by me, on your own path, not behind me, we can be side by side.
Pave your own path darling.


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