What you see & what is truth

an illusion

There are so many ways we think without listening to what we are actually saying.
We think some things are facts, when of course they are not, we make them feel like they are.
We gather evidence, we find way’s to prove our point, we see what is not, but we say it over and over and so it is.
A lot of pain seems to come from our self created beliefs, we are so sure we are right, we argue, we cause a war or we hide under blankets.
The truth is, not many things that we believe are facts, we are dulled down to reality.
We repeatedly follow our thought trains, we don’t pause to check, we carry on riding the same train again and again going no where.
We lie to ourselves. There is illusion.
We believe something is just so, we are not enough, someone’s life is better, their relationship is perfect, we compare ourselves to our own distorted idea of how other people are living, it’s nuts.
We believe our own self created distortions.
The truth is, we have no idea what another persons life is about, they may hide their truth, they too are living just like us, struggling in their own way.
If you want to live happily, watch your thinking, your beliefs and remember, no one has it all, everyone’s got something they are battling with, you are already enough.
Stop believing the lies you are telling yourself and know it’s perfectly normal to feel like you messed up, maybe you did, good for you, me too 🙂
When you mess up and admit it to yourself you can move on and learn to love your crazy, messy, very human self.
I don’t know about you but I would rather admit my mistakes than pretend I am perfect there’s no fun in that!
Watch your thinking, pause and notice where it takes you.


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