Stop putting off your amazing life


Isn’t it funny how we think somehow in the future we will be better, ready, motivated, slimmer, healthier, happier and all that jazz.

We have such a warped view about our awesome future self, so much so that we give ourselves excuses for not doing whatever we need to do today to produce the results we desire, to be the actual future self we imagine.
Then we get pissed off, feel annoyed with ourself, we did not make the changes necessary, we gave up too soon, or maybe we didn’t even begin.
How many times have you said, tomorrow I will get up and exercise, next week I will start a detox, next month I will lose weight, next year I will look for another job, home, partner…
Our thinking is wishful, but if it remains just a thought, our future will not be how we imagined, how we dreamed.
Your happiness depends on you taking action, now, not later, not the next day, nothing changes unless you change something.
So start today with writing down all the things you keep putting off, then pick the top ten and get to it.
If you are struggling or stuck with how to get off the starting block, get help, we live in a wonderful time where personal development is readily available, there are millions of coaches around the world, find yours.
We spend a fortune in money and time reading, searching online and that’s great, but it’s a side step too.
I find in books and online stuff, I pick and choose, I scan through looking for what I agree with already, so I am not challenged or stretched, I am not asked direct questions specifically related to my and my journey.
What do you want this time next week, next month, next year, go on, really be honest with yourself?
Write it down, then get to it.
Your future self will love you for it!


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