How to guide yourself in the chaos of your thoughts.

imagesMake time to listen to your voices.

You know, the chatterbox, the critic, the worrier, the lover the hater, the child, the parent, the adult, we have many.
If you find the space to sit and listen, for your mind to settle, to allow the messages to pop up, to hear yourself , you will find so many answers.

You will start to see clues & signs, you will meet the people you need to meet, you will pay attention, you will trust.

1. Investigate your negative thoughts, your lies, your fears.

What excuses do you make as to why you can’t be, do, have, achieve, succeed?
List them- I am too old, too fat, too thin, not ready, not good enough, I can’t afford… he does not get me, if only he would change, it’s not my fault, I can’t do this, what’s the point? 
Pay attention to how you feel when you think these thoughts, where you feel the physical discomfort. 
2.List all the positive thoughts, dreams, ideas you have about yourself, your truth.
I like my body, I am good enough, I am successful, people like me, I like myself, I can, I trust myself, I eat healthy, I give love to myself and others, I am growing and learning, I have limitless potential, I have abundance, I attract success, I have energy and ideas, I am of great service to the people I work with, I take care of myself and the people I love…
How do you feel? Where do you feel it? Pay close attention to these ‘happy feelings.’

3- Journal and record.
-Make a list of all the memories you have when you laughed out loud, who were you with, what were you doing, write it out in clear detail, close your eyes and go back there, see how you feel.
-Have to hand inspiring books, music, photo’s, memento’s. Make a play list of your fav music, quotes and ideas.
Record moments of magic every day, what made you smile what did you appreciate?

4- Commit to acts of kindness.
Every day, from a text message, to buying flowers, to smiling at a stranger… a hug…make a limitless list and choose daily. Write a list now.

5 – Focus on the positives, celebrate small wins.

Stopping to experience your win, whether it’s a gift from a lover, a promotion at work, or just a quiet, happy moment walking in nature, stopping to notice the clouds, the river, feeling the sunshine on your back, breathe them in. Smile and notice how good you feel.
Be present, in the moment, stay open to learning, to noticing, to seeing the silver lining, we miss so much magic rushing around distracted by the past or future.

You have an amazing capacity to heal, to love, to achieve.
Our minds are so busy, we miss the golden nuggets of information and guidance, lost in the clutter, the future thoughts, the past.
Pause, listen and hear, slow down your thoughts and really pay attention, monitor your thoughts and feelings, challenge them and clean out your junk thinking.

I often get the best ideas, the answers and the inspirations when I am still, when I stop, when I am present.
Unpack your mind clutter and enjoy the peace of being present.

Caron Proctor – Life Coach


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