How to Create Happiness in Relationships

a change attitude_n

I think we get happiness, love and relationships so confused, seeking out external, material short lived blasts of feel good vibrations.

I talk a lot about putting yourself first, being truthful to yourself and checking your negative habits and I know we seem to struggle week after week with these simple ideals.

So for today go ahead and treat yourself with love and kindness, whatever that may be to you and then go about your day treating everyone you meet in the same vain.

I think if you can’t take care of your own mental and physical health it then becomes very difficult for you to help others and for them to help you. There are barriers, obstacles, bad energy and bad attitudes.

So, putting yourself first means, changing your ATTITUDE, accepting your mistakes, learning from your regrets and taking the time to make changes.

I believe if you are unkind to yourself it is very difficult for you to give and receive kindness.
It feels like a game, like a need, like a point scoring exercise, there are expectations.

Start by doing one kind thing for yourself today then see how many people you can give your kindness to, I bet you will feel the benefit, I bet you will feel happier, I bet it is a way to happiness 🙂

Don’t wait for others to give it to you, they may not know how too, you do!

Activate the part of you that is kind, loving and respectful to yourself and others.

Take a moment, take a breath and go be kind, no one said they didn’t want kindness in their lives did they?

Today, after writing this I visited a very old dear friend who was a mother figure to me at a critical point in my life. How I felt seeing her again, making the effort to call on her, making her a cuppa, was of value for both of us that no money can buy.

A simple change of attitude about my time, a kindness felt by both, a love exchanged, so precious, so easy.

What will you do?

I would love to hear.


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