How to bring calm into your busy life in 5 minutes.



So many people ask me what to do about the chaos we call living, the non stop over loaded repetition of our demanding lives.

The first and most important thing you can do is STOP.

We can’t hear our selves think.
This chaos is killing us, it’s breaking us down, we are our own worst enemy, piling on the ‘to do’s.’
We care far too much what other people are doing and what others think of us.
We had it drilled into us growing up, we had labels, we were put into boxes, we were judged by post code ( UK ), by what our fathers did, by how we spoke, the color of our hair and a million other things.

We have become adult’s with our childhood programming, ‘Don’t be lazy’ ‘ Stop staring into space’ ‘Don’t be such a daydreamer’
We feel guilty, so guilty we find excuses for our business, we say we are too busy, or just busy as if it’s the norm, maybe it is, but it’s not healthy to be continually too busy.

If your car was on the go every day and you only turned it off at night, never stopping to get fuel, a check up, an oil change, a clean, it would soon break down. You would need another car and then another.

Your body and mind needs to stop, re fuel, have a check in, engines off , cool down, you only have one, no shop I know sells new bodies 🙂

So don’t tell me you can’t stop, it’s just not true, you are a busy fool, I know because I have been too.

Slow down your mind, lower your stress levels, clear your head to heal your mind and body.

Turn off your phone, lap top, TV , radio, just be.
Go for a coffee by yourself, no conversation, sit still. ( LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME )

Practice stillness for 5 mins a day, then 10, then 15…..
Only when you take a break and fully switch off will you have a chance at living a happier, more confident, stronger, fun life.
Don’t wait until your life breaks you down, take a break, don’t wait for the weekend, a holiday a special occasion, practice daily breaks.
We used to have tea breaks at work, we used to have playtime at school, now we are on the run 24/7, our life is like a schedule, we are running from pillar to post searching and never really finding what we are looking for.

If you haven’t got time to stop for five minutes you need to stop for 1 hr!
Get a grip, you are not going to ruin anyones life if you don’t respond asap, just your life…
I promise you your life will be smoother, your relationships happier and your health massively improved.



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