What’s your story?

Your storyUntitled
One thing I believe after years of coaching a lifetime of working with people and my own relationships is each of us tell just a version of a story.
When I recall an event it can be very different from another person involved in the same event.
When relationships go sour it’s crazy how each person in the story has a different view point, often needy of approval, self serving, seeking the listener to get on board.
When we read a story we will read our own version depending on our beliefs.
We tell edited versions of a story to get approval, to be heard as being right, to gain team mates in our game.
The problem is the stories get passed on, they then become false facts.
We even believe our own stories so much we make them so.
We live in them, often unhappily stuck.
I have learned recently that a conversation is an exchange of thoughts, not facts, an exchange of stories.
That there is so much hidden beneath.
That we wear masks, we hide, we are afraid, we judge.
My point in all this is, when you are stuck worrying what other people will think about you or your actions, take a breath and move into whatever it is you are wanting to do anyway.
Your actions and words will be watched, maybe for a moment maybe for a lifetime, you will be judged, stories will be told.
Don’t let that stop you, you can not help how other people behave and think, what stories they create, you can only help yourself by creating your own true for you story.
At the end of the day, whatever you do, it is your life to live as you see fit, no matter who say’s what and who does what, your story will be edited anyway to fit the storyteller and their needs in telling it.
Bottom line, when people talk about you, it comes from their story.
Don’t believe every story you hear, remember it’s just a version to suit the storyteller often in an attempt to please you or get you on side.
No one thinks about you as much as you think they do, worry less and do more of what you love, what lifts your spirits, what excites you.
What’s your story about? I would love to hear it.


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