How to create a great sex life – step one.

ControllingUntitledStop trying to control your partner.
The need for control is great for running a business or taking care of your health, but when it comes to love, it’s a passion killer.
When we first meet our partners, anything goes, we are wearing blinkers, making excuses, sometimes we secretly believe we will be able to rescue/change that damn annoying quirk of theirs.
We are Lust Junkies, out of control and living in La La Land.
If you find yourself going into blame with your other half, going into, you do this you don’t do that, stop it!
Romance, passion and all the juicy excitement dies.
Instead, control yourself a little more, take responsibility for yourself, you can not be responsible for everyone elses thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
If your partners behavior is hurting or harming you or the relationship, rather than trying control the other, have a fearless conversation, with love.
Explain your feelings, own your own thoughts and know they are just that thoughts, not facts.
Relationships of control are not going to produce the sweetness you desire.
Put down your need to control, it’s a form of fear and insecurity, yuk!


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