How to change your life.

change quest eUntitled“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

My life and the people in it are my teachers, I watch and hear myself react to the words and actions of others, I get frustrated, I feel pain, I feel love, I feel empty, I feel full.
I realise my feelings are coming from my own heart, from my needs, from my perception.
This week I paused, I closed my eyes to the pain, I looked for the question I live with, it was not pretty.
This week I heard my on going question to myself… “ Am I good really good enough?”
This question has been with me since school, where my well meaning teacher wrote on a report… ‘Could do better’
So I have learned the guiding question that drives me, but that also holds me in pain if I allow it.
What’s your question?
How does it serve you?

If it’s holding you back, change it, practice a new question, mine could be, “What is this teaching me?” “ What is the lesson?” “ Can I learn from this to be able to be of a higher service to myself and others?” “ How can I grow with this?”
Change your life by asking yourself better questions, powerful, courageous questions, then practice noticing the old ones popping up and replace.


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