Stop being afraid of not being liked


News Flash – Stop picking up the tab!

As a very well intended people pleaser, others will be taking advantage of you, even in the nicest possible way.
Stop focusing on over doing for others and focus on what you need.

It’s nice to be kind, maybe even vital, but if your kindness is at a constant cost to you in health, wealth or happiness then step back and learn to say more no’s.

Don’t be afraid of not being liked, or not getting the sale, be afraid of selling yourself short, or devaluing you, of lowering your self worth.

Know the difference between goodwill and people pleasing.
Notice when in your heart you genuinely want to do something for someone versus when you’re doing something just because someone else wants you to, or you want to manipulate the situation, or you are afraid of the consequences if you don’t do it.
Any relationship, business or pleasure needs balance.

By focusing on pleasing others, you open yourself up to manipulation, to pain, you lower your self worth.
You may never reach your full potential if you are constantly imprisoned by others’ expectations.
Eventually, when people don’t need your services, they will not recognize you for your true worth: but for the favours you can do for them.
It is very difficult to fully live your life with love,truth and passion
when you’re too busy accommodating others.


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