Who is your real soul mate?

A Real Soul Mate

Stop looking for your life partner/ soul mate as someone who agrees with you, who has not got the courage to show you another way, who is silent when you need a voice.
Your soul mate is not some prince charming who will rescue you in your childhood fantasy.
You soul mate is the person who will push your buttons, they shine a light on your darkness, they pull you up when you are down.
A soul mate will highlight your strengths and your weaknesses, they will give you honesty, and won’t let you fail.
A soul mate will make you frustrated as they see you when you are lost in your self lies.
A real soul mate will love you even when you are not lovable, a soul mate will not put up with your bullshit, your self sabotage your excuses.
Your soul mate is your teacher, they are unlike any other, there is nothing you need to hide, your soul mate is that person who see’s you, the parts of you no one else see’s and they still love you.


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