Change yourself if you want to change others

One thing that I have done for many years is think I can change a person….big mistake, I now know for sure that I can only change myself and in doing so help others change, if that is what they want.
Work on yourself, care for yourself, be kind to others and offer love and guidance, but never think you have the power to change anybody, it seems a crazy thought now I write it down? If only I had learned this years ago 🙂 But then again, I wouldn’t have had the lessons.
It is possible to influence changes in another person, to lead by example or to inspire by your own actions or ideas, but give up expecting you can change another person who does not want to change.
Too many of us are in relationships wishing the other would change, moaning about the other, the boss, the child, the lover, wanting them to be different.
Change begins with you changing something about yourself.



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