What to do when you feel attacked, judged or knocked down

This year is challenging many of us, we can grow through these times or shrivel up.
It’s always up to you.
When you are knocked down, used, attacked or judged, choose to embrace the challenge, accept the opportunity for self transformation, for learning and for growth.
Master your unique life.
Through your struggles you build muscle, for muscle to grow it must at first tear, for a diamond to exist there must have been massive pressure.
Stop and ask yourself… “ What can I learn?” “ How can I grow?” and then get straight to it.
Master your life through the challenges, take a stand for who you are and what you want in life, you do not need to fit into any box, any ideal, and system, you are here for a worthwhile purpose, never ever give up, no one else is you.

Embrace your uncomfortable feelings when you are challenged, remember for a muscle to grow it must at first tear and diamonds are created under tremendous pressure, when I struggle I strengthen.



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