Are you worth it?

Love your life tips moneyUntitled
In my life I have often struggled with earning plenty of money, as in, felt guilty, felt unsafe, felt fake, not good enough and all that negative jazz.

I have wasted money, saved money, I have given it away, I have hidden it in a shoe box…

I have been the one choosing the cheapest meal on the menu, whilst others chose with freedom, believing it was a good thing to do…
I know a lot of my problem came from my money story, as in the things I learned growing up about money, that I took as truth/facts.
I know now for me, I am worthy of earning plenty of money, of using it wisely of loving the rewards that come from working hard on a career that I love.
As I learned to value myself more, I was able to commit to myself more, I learned how I was thinking and how this could hold me back.
I am still working on changing my fear around money and wealth, I see the positive changes this brings.
If you are struggling to earn enough money to have the life you dreamed of or to be able to help others in the world, you need to start with your own self worth.
If you want to work with me on this, I can help guide you into understanding your story, your barriers and beliefs.
I can help you face your money story and help you turn yourself around.
I believe your net worth is directly linked to your self worth.


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