Develop courage to create confidence.


People often say to me, ‘It’s ok for you, you are confident’.
I say that I am not, I am shy, I am afraid, I just hide it well because if I let it rule me I will be living under a rock.
I stood at the teachers desk holding her hand for the first few weeks of school, crying for my Mum, I am still her, but I learned courage, I knew I had to find it and work on it.
I have learned how to have more courage, to work on myself, because I know life is short, because I want to make a difference, because I love life.
I married a man who helps me play harder, I have friends who challenge and support me, I have parents who have lived through hardship, I have grown up children who amaze me.
Have the love for yourself and your life to find whatever it is you need to live and not just exist, have the courage to go out and love your life, find people who will not allow you to play small.
Start by doing something that scares you every day, make that call, talk to that person, say No, say Yes, just start to build your courage step by step.
Once you trust yourself more, you will build confidence, when you work on courage you create confidence, when you feel more confident you will feel more alive… Enjoy your life!


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