Embrace your crazy, stop trying to fit in.



So what if you are crazy, weird, strange, quiet, loud, fat, thin, short, tall, be that!
My friends at school called me ‘ crazy chick ‘ that’s pretty cool with me, my kids now say it too.
My husband thinks I am plain weird.
I want you to embrace yourself just as you are, stop trying to be anything else but your true self.
We seem to be so hard on ourselves and each other, to focus on our mistakes, our darkness, so try focusing on just being you.
If we all had a bit more courage to be free to be who we want to be then all kinds of magic can happen.
When you set yourself free, it allows others to step out too.
Get up and shake yourself, stare yourself right in the eye and say ‘ Hello unique you ’
Go out and do something amazing with your life, I dare you.
Love your life your way!


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