Relationships Love and You

Relationships can be the cause of so much pain and frustration, at work, home, school and of course with ourselves. But healthy relationships are a vital part of the happiness we so desire, so it’s a good idea to invest some time in understanding and learning.
Today remember, all of us need to believe that we are loved or lovable.
But we attract who we are.
As you go through your day, check in with yourself, what are you giving out? What do you do that is lovable? How do you relate to others, wether in the supermarket or in your bed.
Pay attention to yourself, listen in, appreciate yourself and care for yourself in every way.
Stop trying to please everyone, stop trying to be liked by others who really can’t appreciate you.
Don’t expect others to love or like you if you don’t accept , like and love yourself.
But don’t fear commitment, open yourself to it, commit to yourself first and learn to grow.
You can read all the quotes that litter the internet, but unless you go deeper you won’t really get it.
Everything about our outer world is connected to our inner world.
All disagreements are misunderstandings, lack of awareness and the habit of only looking at the surface.
If you are looking for better relationships, take a look at yourself, your hidden self.
Attune yourself to your true self.
Trust yourself , love yourself, laugh at yourself.
It’s vital to be vulnerable, to be playful, to be willing to live more in the moment.
To create a great relationship in life, show your soul, show yourself, show your love.
If another can’t accept who you are then realize that is coming from a wall, your wall or theirs.
Blocked by fear, by illusion.
Let go today, surrender and dissolve any need to manipulate or change another.
Great relationships can’t be forced, forgive others and yourself, learn to be together without resistance or fear, let go.
Lighten up and realise, relationships are like water, if they don’t flow they stagnate.
What do you need to do create flowing relationships?
Each day is a fresh start, have fun, make an intention to remove any blockages and open up to the unknown, to passion, to surrender.
Don’t be needy, shed your self criticism and open up to new relationships or to loving the ones you already have from a position of acceptance, of awareness and love.
Don’t spend another moment just wishing a relationship was different, take action for yourself, remember we all need love, so start creating it right now 🙂


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