Picture yourself full of love

harsh words
As hard as it seems, try not to spit out any words that may hurt another, even if they are hurting you,because you can never really know what is going on inside another person, their pain, worry, fear, their emptiness.
I have never met a person yet who has said, I have too much love, or I hate it when people say loving things, but I hear a lot of the opposite.
I hear a lot of blame and shame, jealousy and hurtful gossip.
It’s like we are more comfortable moaning and groaning, even to ourselves about ourself.
I count myself in this too, I know my love tank has space for more words of love,can you see yourself with more love?

You can start right now, whisper three words of love to yourself, because you know the secret to happiness starts with the way you talk to yourself.
Thank you for reading this, have a day of filling up with words of love, internally and externally, no matter what.
Screw negativity for one day, see how you will feel?


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