You can be happy, yes you!


Stop always searching for the answer, the fix, the solution.

Wherever you go, whatever you do whoever you are with, there is one thing constant and that’s you.
You are the only you and you carry with you your pain, joy, ideas, love, hate, drama’s, dreams and all the junk.
I knew this when I was 21 years a million years ago.
I lived in a stunning house overlooking the ocean, travelled to work passed a turquoise sea and volcano even, yup a real one, off to a fabulous job managing a designer women’s wear store on Auckland’s main drag, Queen’s street, it was a glamorous place back then.
But my heart was in Sheffield, with my friends, family and the music. ( My friends were in cool bands )
So, even though I looked like I had everything in the world to smile about, I felt dul and sad.
I was in a relationship that was toxic, I went to parties and got up to all kinds of crazy and I escaped my heavy heart by distraction.
In the end I returned to my Mum’s house, my Bowie posters and felt like I was home.
But after a while there was this dull feeling, the itchy feet, yep, I missed the volcano, blue sky, sound of the Tui’s ( NZ Bird that makes all sorts of fabulous sounds and has a funny cotton wool ball attached to it’s throat.)
So I went back and there I was, backwards and forwards across the planet.

I know now that I was searching for something I thought lived in another place, when all along it lived inside me.
I was searching for me.

So the next time you feel a pinch, a dullness a yearning to run away from your life, remember wherever you go, you are taking yourself with you.

I know I nag on about this, but I guess if you are actually reading this you are in some way interested in being truthfully happy, then you will read on.
Today, spend time alone, stop searching for all the answers and start looking at what you feel on the inside and what needs to be done about that.
If you feel dull go to that place inside you and ask yourself if you are truly taking care of yourself in a loving way, are you?
You can buy shoe happiness or even wine happiness but my darlings it’s short term, plastering over the cracks happiness, which of course is perfectly ok from time to time.
Happiness is an inside job, I didn’t make that up, someone else said it, but I know it to be true.
Even though you may have pain or worries, don’t let it stop you having fun, doing something good for your soul, saying yes to wellth.
(Wealth and health all mixed up)?

Now off you go and look for the magic of being who you are, because you are this very moment, if it is so bad, then get out now! But be warned if you escape without making changes to the way you are loving yourself then you will be forever in a constant search for outside fixes.
See yourself as a worthwhile person because you are!
Love Cx


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