You must learn to love yourself

Love yourself 2105

I realize how hard it is to love yourself, most of us don’t even like ourselves.

To love yourself is easier if you start by accepting that not loving yourself will give you a shitty life-period.
It’s no good distracting yourself with outside stuff to hide away from the dark cloud of self loathing.
We struggle so much, living in a world where struggle is the norm and self sabotage is common place.

No wonder it’s hard to be a person who is strong enough to take daily self loving actions, you may feel like the odd one, that’s ok, you don’t have to follow the lost crowd.

I am living with the fear of losing my Father, who is in a critical condition, I have spent moments recently hating myself for not being by his side, I have cried a lot, I have retreated and now I know they are all acts of self hate.
They are not helpful to me or my family.
Today I begin again with courage and self care, I know I will see my Father again soon and before I make the journey across the planet I will fuel myself with love.
I urge you to take care of yourself, to embrace your imperfections and learn how you can become truly happy in the long term without the addictive drugs that are ever present, the new this the new that, the pull of the quick fix bull shit.
There are a million way’s to a happy, healthy life, each coming from self love.

Write yourself a no judgment list of the ways in which you can show yourself Love, Respect and Kindness.
You know self hate is vile, I know you do, so don’t continue down that path.
Take your time in making new loving habits because when you truly learn to love yourself you will feel like you can achieve anything and you will attract other people into your life who will help you.

If you want to know the many paths to self love and happiness, join me in 2015 and learn how to be your most loving, happiest self.
Together we will grow.


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