How to change your life in a minute.

what story

In Relationships it seems we are often in them for our own needs, from what we aren’t giving to ourselves, we forget about love.
When we have difficult emotions or challenges, we become scared and feel trapped.
We tell ourselves a story about why we feel a certain way, we repeat the story and it becomes us.

Some of us don’t even acknowledge the self created anxiety and get distracted , changing our state with alcohol, food and other outside mood changers, whilst the anxiety is rotting our soul underneath these band aid false fixes.
We become sick, depressed and search for outside things to make us feel good, other people in particular our partners or friends.
Let the idea of changing your story begin, listen to what you are thinking or saying, watch what you are repeatedly doing that keeps you stuck in unhelpful patterns.
Make a decision today to take action to change something, be more afraid of staying stuck than of making a decision that doesn’t work out, there are often many options available for you to explore.
Usually the pain of staying in your shitty story is much worse than facing the actual thing you are afraid of.
Take a baby step to face a relationship issue a health issue a work problem or whatever you are anxious about.

If you let the thing you are afraid of stay unattended it will rule your life, face it and kill it!
Stop magnifying your pain story.
Change the channel, put another record on as my Mother used to say.
Do something today that you are afraid of and embrace the uncertainty, so you can feel the empowering feeling of courage and taking control of your life.

What pain do you need to face today?
What fear story holds you back?
How do you want to really feel?
What kind of a person will you be if you face your pain and move through it?
How different would your world be if you didn’t have so much fear, pain, anxiety, guilt or sadness?
Picture yourself free, imagine yourself stronger and more able to step up.
You know when you face yourself, when you take action your relationships will grow stronger and in life I believe loving relationships are the key to a happy, healthy life.

Decisions not conditions shape your life.
You always have the power to make a new decision.
Just for one minute imagine a new story, see it in clear detail, feel in and step into it.

Have a fear-less day xx


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