How to have happy, healthy children.

children 2015

If you want your children to grow up confident, happy and healthy then you must be the example. Teach your son’s and daughters to take risks to travel and explore, show them it’s vital to fall, that it’s progress not perfection, that life is short and not to be afraid of fear.
Teach them nutrition, fitness and compassion, spend more time with them and less money on buying their love or poisoning them with crap.
Show them your laughter and tears.
Share with them your love and your fears.
Listen to their thoughts and ideas.
Support their dreams whatever they are.
Let them go, let them stay.
Life is an adventure to be lived and loved.
Don’t ask your children to be anything other than who they are, show them unconditional love.
Let your children see you setting the biggest example, they are listening and watching every moment.
You are the one who they look up to for how to live. what example are you setting?
Are you showing them a life of lack and fear or the limitless possibilities available to anyone who has the passion and courage to live a life of love and adventure?

It’s never too late to be the example of an abundant, courageous life, lived fully and with love.


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