Don’t chase happiness

stop chasing happiness

We don’t have to be held back by pain, grief, anger and all that dark gunk.
Happiness is part of a whole bag of emotions, if you want more joy then focus on making it happen.
Stop chasing happiness
Stop focusing on pain

Accept the feelings of pain
Notice the moments of happiness

Whenever I get a flush of happy, I tell my husband, I squeeze his hand as we walk, I lock it in my heart to keep forever.

Learn how to slow down, to notice the stuff that fills up your happy tank and do more of that.
Learn how to let painful feelings or negative thoughts come, be heard or felt and know that you can move them along.

Be happy, be sad, be whatever you choose to be.

Cheesy as but I believe a real life is a roller coaster ride, hang on and scream at the scary bits and laugh at the yahoo.

I recently did this with my son in LA, it worked 🙂

Focus yourself on whatever makes you feel good and work on the pain with more love and happiness.
Get as much support as you can, often your nearest and dearest are so stuck needing you to be something else they can’t help. You are never alone,  thank you for reading, I wish you fun times thru the shitty storms of life xxx


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