How to stop a relationship becoming a battle ground.

go with the flow

A relationship filled with attack and defense can’t cultivate love.
Let go and flow, lose the need to manipulate.

Learn how to be together in peace, learn how to make a complaint not a criticism, learn that all disagreements are coming from some kind of fear, or none love , of lost trust.

Rebuild by dropping your guard and stopping the fight.

Many relationships fall over because no one is willing to be the strong, loving person and step up, they fail because as individuals there is a lack of self love, they end because of blame.

Look at your relationship with yourself first, where are you blocking love, how loving are you? How lovable are you?
Do you even like yourself?
Let go.

Be still for a moment and ask yourself if your relationship issues are coming from your lack of self, are you really doing everything you can to give yourself a healthy happy life, or are you going for the quick fix external fake crap?
Are you asking someone else to change when you yourself need to look in the mirror.

Only you know my friend.

Love will grow when you refuse to follow the impulse of frustration and anger, when you learn to be on your own side without needing approval, when you stop worrying about judgment.

Stop holding on to so many rocks, you will never feel in flow unless you let go and trust.

Create a little love for yourself and your partner today, go on, it’s worth it.

Merrily merrily gently down the steam, or something like that?? What was that nursery rhyme?


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