What you need to stop doing to be happier.

emotional roller coaster

Earlier in the year when I sadly lost my Dad and took the long haul trip back to the UK I found myself on the most hideous emotional roller coaster.

The ugly emotions of guilt, blame and fear ran through my body like red hot lava.

The trip was painful and I was not my best self, I was not prepared for this ride.

My dark emotions were running wild like a childish tantrum, I was in attack and defense.

I am grateful for this dramatic episode, but I won’t be watching it again, I have seen enough.
I now love the sense of calm and freedom, I have learned what not to do and I work on this daily, catching myself if I drift back into the darkness.

Here are a few things I no longer do if I find myself drawn to the ride.

1 – I no longer allow myself to get too tired, so my mind and body is stronger and calmer.
2 – I do not allow other peoples drama to draw me in, I stop rescuing everyone.
3 – I don’t seek approval from others who simply aren’t on the same planet.
4 – I stop holding on to the past pain stories.
5 – I no longer say yes to every request.
6 – I no longer under charge for my professional services.
7 – I no longer drink alcohol.
8 – I do not put of dancing/exercise.
9 – I eat far less crap.
10 – I do not depend on anyone for my own health or happiness.
11 – I do not under breathe, or allow my shoulders to be pulled up to my ears.
12 – I do not expect other people to be on the same planet.
13 – I do not block my success and happiness by limited or lack thoughts.
14 – I stop ignoring my body’s signals.
15 – I no longer fear, fear.
16 – I don’t pretend to be perfect, I never did really, I work on progress.
17 – I don’t over react, I pause and think.
18 – I stop people pleasing, this is such a great feeling.
19 – I am ok with other people not understanding me or even liking me. ( That was hard, but worth it)
20 – I stopped holding onto to unhappy items, clothes, old gifts, and I passed them on.
21 – I do not go on negative roller coasters 🙂
22 – I stopped over thinking about worrying things.
23 – I no longer hang out with people who only ask to hang out when they want something.
24 – I let go of fantasy versions of other people I had created.
25 – I no longer allow my negative emotions to fuel my thoughts and actions, I empty them out and I deal with them with love.
26 – I no longer over think a problem I think of a solution.
27 – I work on stopping myself blocking my own happiness in fear of judgment or not deserving.
28 – I let go of needing to be a certain weight, who cares??
29 – I no longer shove emotions down with food or drink, I bring them out, take them for a walk and work on what needs to be done.
30 – I let go of worrying about change, I build resilience and faith in myself.

I could give you a hundred more, but I no longer feel the need 🙂

If you want to make changes, look at what you need to stop doing, before you start doing.
Stop first, close some doors and pause.


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