Why you are unhappy and how to change that.

create your own happiness

Use this as a check in – if you tick any and I bet you will, make a choice to not do that, if you really want to feel fabbo, you can.

– You are waiting for things or someone to change – you have to be the one who changes.
– The day starts with your phone, emails, facebook, linkedin… you are setting your day with outside distraction.
– You take your phone everywhere and are always checking in – you are afraid of missing out.
– You need ‘stuff’, material things, alcohol. crap food… You are dulling your brain and ruining your body.
– You blame other people for your unhappy mood – If you feel unhappy around someone, step back, move on, be around someone else, be by yourself.
– You are tight with money – you are living with a lack mentality, you don’t trust.
– You buy friendship – you are living with lack mentality, you don’t trust.
– You forget to dream. you say, can’t, too fat, too thin, too old, too young. You are what you tell yourself.
– You pretend you are happy, deal with dark emotions, let them free then move on.
– You don’t hug your partner, friends, family – just do it!
– You don’t forgive, holding on to anger and pain will be the perfect recipe for a life of crappiness.
– You haven’t done anyone a kindness lately, it’s proven that even when you smile you change your energy and other people feel better.
– You are counting your breakdowns not your breakthroughs, celebrate your successes.
– You forget to play your favorite music , put on some sweet tunes and have car or kitchen karaoke.
– You are aiming for perfection, yuk! It’s progress not perfection.
– You are an askhole, what?? You ask for advice and then ignore it.
– You forgot to eat lunch, erm, what? How ever important you are, your body needs a break and it needs fuel, preferably go outside too.
– You take everything sooooo seriously, come on, life is funny too.
– You have to correct or control everything, who put you in charge of everything?
– You don’t allow your pet on the couch, or in the house, you haven’t got a pet. Get a pet, they are always glad to see you, give them a big cuddle, talk to them, they are pure love.
– You are scared, if you are seen to be very happy other people may judge you, screw that, it’s your right to be happy.
– You feel guilty when you are happy because the people around you aren’t.
– You are afraid because when you feel happy, really happy , something always ruins it, life is a mix of all emotions, get over it.
– You focus on what you don’t have , look at what you do have!

If any of these things give you the nudge then I urge you to make a change, you deserve to be ecstatically happy, the world needs happier people.
I know its scary to stop and find out you are in charge, it’s your job, you can’t blame others, but once you learn this and become focused on what makes you feel good, you will know you are the creator of your own feelings, so why not step into creating happiness??
When you are happy everything changes.
You are worth it xo.


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