Are you chasing money to your grave ?

 Are you chasing money to your grave?

If you are chasing more money over and over again, please stop for five minutes and listen to this.
I am not saying creating an abundance of money is wrong, creating money doing what you love is a wonderful thing and can change the world.

However chasing money because you want more money is different.

Are you chasing money to waste it on relieving the stress of the chase?

Or are you doing work that changes the world, creates happiness, solutions to problems and long term health and happiness?
Get off the treadmill and stop chasing the false happiness of earning more, get off and chase your passion, cultivate a life filled with love before you fill it with just money and false temporary fixes.
Chase experiences, sunsets, hugs, starlit nights, a healthy strong body and mind a loving heart, laughter and love.
Go and earn buckets full of cash if you like, as long as it is flowing from a place of passion, from your heart, from a desire to make a difference, to leave the world a happier place and a permanent smile on your face.

Pull back from chasing money to your grave, it’s never too late to change.
Create an abundant life you will love.

Inspired by my son Dan, who loves his work , who lives to make a difference and to whom money flows with ease, he is a life changer. He is chasing his dream.
CP xo


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